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From the Desk of Otaku's Revenge CEO Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "otakusrevenge" journal:

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March 3rd, 2009
03:10 pm


Updatery, go!
I haven't posted on here in like 3 months! I know there's like 1-2 of you out there that are curious to know what is going on with me so I figure I'll update you guys.

I am at Police Federal Credit Union now and have been for the past year. I kicked BoA to the curb and have not looked back since! (I honestly can't remember if I posted this and I'm too lazy to look back =P)

Emma is 2 already! It's friggin crazy how fast time has flown. Not to mention we are expecting our son James to be born by the end of June. Two and through! lol

Voice acting is coming along slowly. I have been getting more work lately. From people I don't even know too! Still nothing paying which is a blower, but I will take all the practice I can get! ^_^d

Katsucon was a couple weeks ago and I guess I could update you with the happenings:

Tuesday before con: I leave work and grab Khalid, Becca, and Jinkies (aka Nancy) from the airport and we head home for general relaxing.

Wednesday: I get up early to go to the airport to pick up Leonard and bring them home. I stop at the dentist office for an appointment and then gather up Khalid and Leonard for a Gamestop run. Khalid gives me House of the Dead: Overkill and Leonard gives me Boom Blox. We head back to the hacienda and give em a try. Boom Blox ended up owning the rest of the day minus a crazy game of Scategories. (Things in a park that begin with P, Nicknames with the letter N XD)

Thursday: Corinne decides she wants to go to Katsu with us. Neither of us felt comfortable leaving Emma with my parents so she was coming too. I ran this by everyone except Nancy who was sleeping at the time and they were cool with it. We pack up everything as I run down the list of people who could help transport people + luggage. The closest I get is my cousin who was willing to take the group to the metro station. So everyone hopped on the metro while Corinne, Emma and I drove to the hotel. We check in and get settled in our rooms and hang out with Jose for a bit. Scott and Greg get to the hotel and we hang out before picking up our badges and other stuff. Jose and Leeann came to hang out while the group went to Leonard's room to get their drink on. We called it a night and tried to sleep as drunk people stumbled in and out of the room getting what they needed. (We had two connecting rooms)

Friday: Corinne and I wake up at our normal time while Emma surprisingly is still asleep. I mention something to the effect of turning the tv on when Jinkies lets out a loud and uncalled for "NO!" Unfortunately, she isn't aware that I am a huge smartass. I reply something along the lines of, "Too bad, I wasn't the one up until 2 AM drinking (plus unknown hours of hammering on the keyboard to person I will refer to as worst idea ever that can result in death)." and turn the tv on. This in turn sets Jinkies off in a stomping rampage out of the room. Becca politely mentioned that she would like the tv off and would like to catch some more sleep. I apologize to Becca and turn the tv off. Emma wakes up and we head to breakfast. We face the logistics team and open up the LARP room and LARP begins. Khalid proposed to Becca! Almost thought he was gonna chicken out for a second but he pulled through like I knew he could! Hit the dealers room but aside from that not much else happens. That night I go hang out with the group for a bit before going to bed. More drunken stumbling.

Saturday: I wake up to Khalid pacing in the room. Apparently the rum did not agree with him. I turn on the tv and turn the volume down to pass some time. Emma wakes up and we go about our day. More LARP, another trip to the dealers room. I bump into Onezumi and chit chat for a bit. I offer that Jinkies switch rooms with Scott. (This apparently was the 5th time this was brought up to her) She accepts and they switch rooms. Then Leonard and I go to run the DS pictionary panel. We get a turnout of 50-60 people! We call in Becca to help out with the higher attendance rate and deal with 20 minutes of pictochat crashes and disconnects. After that the event runs pretty much smoothly. A bit more LARP before I go watch the Tone It Down panel. Greg made a kick ass multimedia display which helped keep things on topic and moving nicely. Leonard did a great job at mocking anything and everything. He needs someone to bounce off of its just a matter of finding the right person. We call it a night and pass out.

Sunday: Emma decided to be on her normal schedule and was up. We kept the tv off to help keep her volume down and tried to keep her quiet so the rest of the crew could sleep. We wrap up the LARP and I take Emma and Corinne home. I head back and meet up with everyone else and we head to this nearby sports bar for the staff dinner. We get to hang out and talk to Onezumi, Harknell, Colette, and Nick for ample amounts of time which we have been trying to do for a good couple years. Then Greg tells me that he didn't like Emma in the room and the rest of the group kind of jumps in with a yeah. This really blew me away seeing as she was a perfect angel during the entire convention and only woke up early on Sunday. I can understand why they wouldn't want a 2 year old in a hotel room but as far as I knew there was no problems til that moment, apparently. It's also a little sad because I won't be able to room with the group anymore. I am going to have a room for just me and Corinne and the kids if we decide to bring them. I just hope that it won't take away from the good times.

Monday: Take team Iowa (Khalid, Becca, Jinkies) back to the airport and go back and hang out with Leonard. Picked up Left 4 Dead and get exposed to its wonders.

Tuesday: Take Leonard to the airport and head home to recover before going to work the next day.

Now for some shout outs:
Khalid and Becca- Congrats you two! Khalid it's just like old times when we hang out. Becca it was cool getting to know you better this year.

Jinkies - apparently you were not yourself at the convention. My big question to you is why did you spend all that time/money on a trip to a convention when you just hung out in the hotel room the whole time? (You may have done stuff but everytime I saw you, minus sunday, you were in the hotel room) I am willing to give you another shot should we ever meet up again, but somehow I feel our personalities just clash.

Jose and Leeann - You guys are awesome! Emma had so much fun with you guys. It was good to get to know both of you better this year and I can't wait til we can hang out again.

Leonard - Dude, it's always a blast hanging out with you. For some reason I think we bonded a little more this time more so than usual. Every time the originals get together it just saddens me that we only get together once a year. We have the best times.

Greg - It's awesome that you've become a part of the group! And I am not just saying that because of all of the shit you've done for the LARP and Tone it Down.

Well I think that sums it up for me. I'll update again....eventually....

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December 24th, 2008
07:47 am


Wanted to wish all of you the happiest of holidays and merriest of Christmases!

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July 23rd, 2008
11:23 am


Dark Knight. Wow. Just wow. Never before have I ever been so excited for a movie. It lived up to the hype and then some for me. Ledger's Joker is definitely one of the best movie villains to grace the screen. Honestly for it being a Batman movie Batman had the weakest part in it. Hell Joker made me forget that the movie was supposed to be about Batman. I will not go into details because I know some of you have not seen this movie yet. I highly recommend to go see this movie.

Emma. I don't try to post too much about Emma because a. Corinne posts about her and b. I know how annoying it is to hear people tell you about their kid all the time. She's starting to make 2-3 word sentences and is well on her way to being fully potty trained which is fantastic. We were doing shape flashcards with her last night and Emma really surprised me. (She has only done them once before this particular instance.) We started with the basics: Circle, Square which we said and she repeated. Next came a star and she said it before we did! o_o Same with heart, oval, triangle, and rectangle! I guess I can let the simple ones slide eh? lol

Voice Acting Working on finishing up demo 3.0 and I will send it out to agencies. If you have any voice over/voice acting work and/or the contact info of a good agent please email me. ^_^

That's it for now. Kinda back into a lull until the fall: Football, Hockey, The Shield, Heroes, and new videogames to be played.

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June 23rd, 2008
10:35 am


How does one become a legend?
The pass away.... Here is one of my favorite bits from one of my all time favorites, George Carlin.

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May 5th, 2008
03:35 pm


iron man
For the first time in a long time I went to see a movie opening weekend yesterday. Iron Man to me lived up to the hype behind it. The movie moved along nicely. I actually forced myself to look at my watch only once, to see how long it took for stark to wear Mark I. (30 min not bad.) I felt there was a good balance between Stark and Iron Man scenes. And if you have not seen the movie or had it spoiled for you already, there is something after the credits. It is worth the wait if you are a fan of comics. Ever since it was first printed Marvel fans waited for that moment to happen on screen. Very satisfied with the Iron Man movie even if the end was a bit weak.

Also yesterday I watched Across the Universe and the Golden Compass. Across the Universe I regret not watching while on halucinagens. The movie tended to jump (and at times totally lose me.) The integration of the songs was done pretty well. Story was very very basic though.

Golden Compass. Pretty good. It felt Narniaesque. I had no idea that it was part of a trilogy until after I watched it. The ending seemed really weak still even knowing that there were two more movies to follow. But that is my only real complaint about the movie.

Got a netflix account so I will be catching up on a good chunk of the movies I missed (No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Sweeney Todd, etc.) as well as the ones that I blinked and missed the run in theatres (Diary of the Dead, Day of the Dead, etc.)

Emma goes in for her 18 month checkup soon. >_< Time really flies. Not too much else to update. I'll try to update more frequently......even if its just movie reviews.

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April 14th, 2008
09:48 am


do people still use LJ?
So the past two weekends have been pretty sweet.

It started off two Saturdays ago when the Washington Capitals beat the Florida Panthers to not only win a spot into the playoffs but win the Southeast division for the 4th time in team history!

The next day was filled with goodness as Corinne and I met Greg and Melissa for some eats and the new Simon Pegg film, Run Fatboy Run. The movie was funnier than what I had expected. Good film.

Fast forward through the week. (I had a cold, blah.) We get to friday. I only mention friday because Caps started their playoffs and beat the Flyers 5-4 after being down 4-2. I also mention this because during said playoff game I hear some familiar voices....really familiar. It's a House of Pop Culture commercial and it's one of the ones I did voice over for! I flipped!

Saturday came and Corinne and I grabbed Emma and we headed to the Sakura Matsuri Festival in D.C. We got off the metro around 11 and began to take in the sights. Bout an hour later we met up with Greg and Melissa and got some lunch. (Delicious chicken teriyaki donburi!) It rained really hard for about 2 min then stopped. We tried to teach Emma how to use chopsticks, got Emma's name in kanji, and saw some of the Mitsumassyu concert. The crew met up with Jen and Kawa's crew and Corinne and I said our goodbyes. We picked up some Pocky, Koalas, and a Hello Kitty mask for Emma and we headed for the metro. We stopped for a bit to watch some old school samurai archery and then headed home. I have pics in slidshow format/music vid on my myspace page.

Sunday we grilled some burgers, hot dogs, chedarwurst, and chicken and got ready for game 2 of the playoffs. The food was good. The game.....not so much. Caps really played bad and lost 2-0. >_< Now the team heads to Philly for games 3&4. Hope those go better. Well that's all for now. Hope to get some demo work done this week. My allergies have subsided and my cold is gone so my throat should be good to go!

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February 12th, 2008
10:49 am


So we are moved into the new place and starting to adjust to it. Emma loves having grandpa and grandma so close now. ^_^

Started a new job last week. I kicked BoA to the curb and started being a teller at police federal credit union. They are so laid back here. Much more my style.

Katsucon is this weekend I am pumped!

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July 30th, 2007
04:46 pm


They're coming to get you Barbara!
My buddy Greg and I made this lil diddy for the Heinz Ketchup commercial contest at www.topthistv.com. Finalists are chosen about 8/27/07. Please vote for us if we make it!

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March 1st, 2007
09:53 am


overdue update
This post is long overdue. Katsucon was v successful. We had a pretty nice turnout this year for the LARP. DS pictionary went well also despite the last minute rescheduling.

Leonard got me a copy of the new mc chris album dmoc which is awesome. Big thanks to L-bass for that one.

Got a new comp....finally. So here's hoping that I can finally get time to make the voice demo that is worthy to send out. Keep a lookout at http://pjsimmers.voice123.com/ for the new demo!

New pics of emma to be posted soon, she's getting big!

In the D&D world my sorcerrer Tharakis/Frosty ended up in a snowglobe in possesion of a fallen angel. We started a new campaign in the underdark where I am playing a Lolth Touched Drow Corrupter. So far I am enjoying this character. I'll probably post the story thus far tomorrow for those of you that might be interested.

For those of you still reading I have two words for you: Hot Fuzz!!!!! The awesome people that brought you Shaun of the Dead are making a movie starring Simon Pegg (Shaun) and Nick Frost (Ed) will be playing cops. Looks like they will be dominating two genres now, check out the trailer at: http://www.apple.com/trailers/focus_features/hotfuzz/trailer/

Birthday is in two weeks...I'll be 25.....ancient >_< Well that's it for the update for now. Word I'm out!

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December 24th, 2006
12:49 pm


Merry Christmas!

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